Sometimes that article you find while researching is just too hard to read…

This website can adjust the reading level on an article to help reach the appropriate reading level for the student and to adjust to a more challenging reading level to promote growth.

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iPhone Photography

I recently discovered a fantastic photography app for my iPhone called Slow Shutter. Basically, the app allows you to slow down the shutter speed of your iPhone’s camera, so that when your phone is mounted on a tripod (I use the Joby GripTight mount) it can allow motion to blur while stable items stay sharply focused.

The image you see here at the right was made through a combination of Slow Shutter to achieve the blurred water motion effect and Snapseed to do some gentle tweaks to the exposure and focus.


Have a look at these two apps:

Slow Shutter is $0.99 in the App Store

Snapseed is FREE in the App Store


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iPads in my classroom? No, iCan’t!

Yes you can integrate technology even if you don’t know everything!

iCantYou don’t have to know everything there is to know about an iPad, or any piece of technology, before you start integrating it into your curriculum. You are an expert in your discipline, or grade level. You know what the students need to learn, and integrating technology into your students’ learning doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers about iPads also! Continue reading

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Increasing Access to Technology

Schools are about learning. Their goal is to provide the best education they can and to prepare students to be life long learners, productive members of our society, and engaged in their personal growth. Students need to be able to think on their feet, come up with creative solutions to life’s challenges, and utilize the tools at their disposal to their fullest to make it in this fast-paced future they’re facing.

Schools must embrace technology in education. Technology is not a flash-in-the-pan-fad (few would argue it is), and technology is a significant part of the lives of our students. For their sake, I believe technology must be a significant part of their education as well. Continue reading

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Printing a Web Page to PDF from Google Chrome for iOS

Here’s a link to a post I just wrote for iPad Connect.
Google Drive and Google Chrome for iOS have a powerful link! You can now print any page being viewed from Google Chrome for iOS as a PDF and have that PDF saved to your Google Drive account. Then you can use that PDF in all the fun ways we use them, like opening and annotating in Remarks or UPAD, or turning in something to Canvas. Continue reading

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Facebook 4/16 Update – Most Recent News Feed

UPDATE: After playing with the app for one day, and even after Facebook’s newest release of 6.0.1 to “fix the news feed for some users”, I have discovered that the Most Recent selection you’ll make following the directions below does not “stick”. The app, as of 4/17, forgets it after a while and goes back to Top Stories. It’s crap, but I’ve gotten used to it with Facebook. You should too!

So, Facebook updated their iPhone app again. I’d love to have a chat with Facebook’s iOS designers about their user interface, but I know that will never happen. So, with each update comes a new series of puzzles to solve. The one that bugs me the most is how Facebook really seems to want me to see the Top Stories in my News Feed instead of the Most Recent, which is really what I would prefer. Do I really want to see a story that’s 2 months old just because someone recently posted a comment to it? No, not really. Here’s how you can get your Most Recent News Feed view back. Continue reading

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